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Fine Art Landscape and Travel Photography from Ireland


These photos are a celebration of the Irish landscape as seen through the camera lens of Ireland based photographer, Hauke Steinberg. Capturing the inspirational quality and stark, dramatic beauty of Ireland, these images are a timely reminder of the romance and wild allure of the landscape on our doorstep.

In addition to images from Ireland you will find stunning pictures from other places such as Alaska, Patagonia or Easter Island, as well as a selection of beautiful nature and wildlife photographs

«Hauke Steinberg's devotion to the celebration of the Irish landscape reveals the magnificence, elegance and splendor of his adopted home. His stunning landscape photographs exude a romantic and sumptuous energy, mixed with a serene calm, which can only be presented through an authentic love for the subject and a true knowledge of the art.»
         David Morrissey, Photographer  

Green Tunnel Photo Photograph Glendalough Ireland Dawn Image Cairn Wicklow Ireland

All Images can be purchased in print and file format. They are also available for editorials, advertisement, etc. To enquire about a quote just contact me through the contact page. You can find a more complete catalogue of my photographs on my indexed and searchable flickr pages


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